Meet The Team

Leia Stephenson

VP of Student Experiences

"After graduation, I plan to pursue a pharmaceutical industry fellowship in Medical Affairs. Through participation in SIO events, I have learned about the functions within this field including developing clinical material, educating medical and commercial teams, and developing and implementing medical and publication strategy.  My aim is to become the Director of Medical Affairs within a pharmaceutical company after gaining experience within different departments. " 

Michael McDermott

VP of Finance

"I intend on pursuing a career in the biopharmaceutical industry. I plan on gaining exposure to the industry through rotations before obtaining a fellowship in regulatory affairs. With the experience I gain within the arena of drug development, I then hope to work in a position at a pharmaceutical company. Within this position I hope to utilize my clinical skills, regulatory knowledge and gain business expertise." 

Taylor Laffey

VP of Communications

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"My industry career goal as of now is to first complete a fellowship upon graduation. The areas of the pharmaceutical industry that fascinate me the most are research and development and also marketing/sales. Although these are very different, I would love to have a career that involved both of these in some way."

Josh Cinicola

Symposium Chair

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"I am primarily interested in the clinical implementation of oncology compounds.  In the future, I hope to be involved in the development of new, groundbreaking therapies to help improve patient quality of life by developing and implementing safe and efficacious clinical trials.  I am currently looking to pursue either a post-doctoral fellowship in the pharmaceutical industry to further my hands-on experience or a PhD in pharmaceutical science to enhance my scientific understanding.  Though my work with SIO, I hope to spread increased awareness of industry opportunities, operations and facilitate a greater understanding of industry processes with in the student body." 

Mackenzie Minogue

 Chief Executive Officer

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"I am interested in clinical development & operations in the pharmaceutical industry and strive to improve the life of patients on a global scale. SIO has provided me with a wealth of knowledge about the role of a pharmacist within a pharma company which is not stressed in traditional curiculumm. Through SIO I have been able to build a network of students, alumni and faculty who are willing to learn and grow from each other. "

Corey Rantz

Chief Operating Officer

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"I hope to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry and improve patient outcomes on a global scale. Through SIO, i hope to promote awareness of the opportunities for pharmacists in industry. I also hope to supply students with the tools they need to make their way into this field. "

Holly Graber

VP of Student Experiences

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"Through my internship with Merck, I have discovered my passion for the safety and regulatory side of the pharmaceutical industry. I hope to continue my education by securing a fellowship in an effort to bolster a career in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically aspiring to a position within regulatory affairs or clinical safety and pharmacovigilance."

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