Meet The Team

Jules Lee

VP of Communications

"I joined SIO because of how fascinating the industry side of pharmacy is and after realizing how much impact a pharmacist can make on the drug development process and innovation"

Joe Mancini

VP of Finance

"I joined SIO to learn more about the pharmacy industry and to meet new people. The incredible people I’ve met through SIO have helped me tremendously in many facets of my student pharmacy career and some have become great friends. My goal is continue to grow and develop this great organization and to be in a position within this organization where I can be a resource for new students, like those people were for me!"

Subanky Sivagnanalingam

Student Experience Co-Chair

"I joined SIO because it gives students a unique perspective on pharmaceutical industry and on the various career options pharmacists have in this field. SIO has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and connect with students and leaders in industry."

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Josh Cinicola

Student Experience Co-Chair

"I am primarily interested in the clinical implementation of oncology compounds.  In the future, I hope to be involved in the development of new, groundbreaking therapies to help improve patient quality of life by developing and implementing safe and efficacious clinical trials.  I am currently looking to pursue either a post-doctoral fellowship in the pharmaceutical industry to further my hands-on experience or a PhD in pharmaceutical science to enhance my scientific understanding.  Though my work with SIO, I hope to spread increased awareness of industry opportunities, operations and facilitate a greater understanding of industry processes with in the student body." 

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Taylor Laffey

 Chief Executive Officer

"My industry career goal as of now is to first complete a fellowship upon graduation. The areas of the pharmaceutical industry that fascinate me the most are research and development and also marketing/sales. Although these are very different, I would love to have a career that involved both of these in some way."

Joseph Piotrowski

Chief Operating Officer

"I'm interested in industry because I want to learn more about drug development and to share my experiences with other students. To me industry offers exciting work in growing therapeutic areas."

Dr. Rick Bertz

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Rick Bertz is an Adjunct Professor at Pitt Pharmacy and a graduate of the Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD program. He has worked in Pharmaceutical Industry for nearly 25 years and is currently Vice President, Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics at Biohaven Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Bertz has also held R&D leadership positions at both Bristol-Myers Squibb and Abbott Laboratories.

Natalie Laurito 

Symposium Chair

"I joined SIO to learn more about how a pharmacist can be involved in the lengthy yet crucial process of creating safe and effective drugs for all kinds of people and diseases!"

Grace Rong

Curriculum Co-Chair

"I loved the opportunities to connect with pharmacists currently in the pharmaceutical industry."

Hyunwoo Kim

Curriculum Co-chair

"I learned so much from attending various events last year and SIO helped me build many meaningful relationships in industry."

Yuhyeon Soh 

P1 Class Representative